About the Board

Marriage and family therapy in North Carolina is a professional practice that affects the public safety and welfare and requires appropriate licensure and control in the public interest.

The North Carolina Marriage and Family Therapy Licensure Board was established to ensure that the public has a means of protecting itself from the practice of marriage and family therapy by unprofessional, unauthorized, and unqualified individuals.

Board Members are appointed by the Governor of North Carolina. Four board members shall be practicing marriage and family therapists who are licensed in the state at the time of their appointment. Three members shall be representatives of the general public who have no direct affiliation with the practice of marriage and family therapy.

The Board is responsible for the review of qualifications and examination of all applicants for licensure.

Board Members should be contacted via ncmftlb@nc.rr.com.  Individual board member addresses and emails are not published. The Board reviews and takes action on a collective basis, not as individuals.

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