In order to become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate (LMFTA) an applicant must demonstrate having met one of the categories of qualifying academic achievement.

A master’s degree or doctorate degree from a recognized educational institution as defined in 90-270.47(5) of North Carolina General Statutes in the field of marriage and family therapy or a related degree which is the equivalent in content and quality as defined by the statutes and rules of the Board.

Requirements - review the NC – Application for License – Conferment of degree is required prior to submitting an application for review.
Official transcripts - can be issued directly to the applicant as long as they are still sealed from the registrar and are issued on security/tamper proof paper. Copies and Electronic transcripts are not accepted. The Board reserves the right to further verify the authenticity of a transcript submitted with an application.

After successfully completing the academic requirements (qualifying degree, minimum of a masters, encompassing the coursework as outlined on the Application – NC MFT License), applying for and passing the National MFT Examination a person may apply for LMFTA . The application fee is $200. Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant. If an application is returned to the applicant a second time as incomplete, the Board may impose an additional processing fee. Passing the examination does not authorize you to practice MFT or use the title of LMFTA in NC until the Board has approved your application for licensure. Licensure cannot be approved until, in addition to all other requirements, an official transcript verifying your degree has been conferred has been received.

The application fee is for evaluation of credentials and is non-refundable. Submitting an application and remitting the fee does not guarantee approval. Applicants must meet the requirements for licensure. Application files remain open for a period of two years from date of first activity. If an applicant needs to submit additional information to supplement the original application, they may do so during this two year period without incurring additiona

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